Friday, October 8, 2010

Flexible use of beautifully button style

This is a flexible use of Photoshop to create beautiful effects in the style of the examples.

1, open photoshop 6.0 or later, a new document, select the background color you want.

New layer (layer1) Select RoundedRectangleTool (rounded rectangle tool) to draw graphics in Figure 1.

Note: Make sure CreateFilledRegion (production filled area) is selected. So that we can modify any graphics without having to re-create the shape.


2, Style effects from the download file, then save the file in PS6/Presets/Styles effects file.

Duplicate (copy) of this layer and changed its name to layer2.

With the effects we have just downloaded files for layer1 and layer2 layer selected area to add special effects.

3, Back to the layer2 layer selection MoveTool (move tool) in Figure 3 drag out a few Guides (reference lines). Is to drag from the ruler Department can use the mouse.

Select PolygonalLassoTool (polygon lasso tool) to draw the selected area if left to. Ensure Snap (posted Qi) option is selected. View-Snap (view - paste Qi).

4, press the Delete key to delete the selected area. Deselect.

Repeat the above steps in the button on the left.

5, Back to the layer1 layer duplicate (copy) of this layer and name-layer3.

Mobile layer3 layer layer1 layer to the next with Freetransformtool (free transform tool) to transform in Figure 5.

Change DropShadow (shadow effects) for the Distance (from): 2pixelsandSize (Size): 5pixels. Add special effects.

6, copy layer3, renamed layer4, drag it to the next layer3.

Then implementation of the Edit-Transform-Scale (edit - deformation - zoom), enter the Width (width): 103%, Height (height): 90%.

7, back to layer1 layer to add a scan line PatternOverlay (logo covered) effects. Download the scan line from the PSD file, open the downloaded Photoshop PSD files, the implementation of Selectall-Edit-Definepattern (Select All - Edit - Custom design) - named Scanlines.

PS! Add a pictorial coverage in effect, do not forget to GradientOverlay (gradient covering) mode change MULTIPLY (increase)!

8, I PatternOverlay window as shown below.

Added again DropShadow (shadow effects) Distance (from): 2pixels, Size (Size): 2pixels.

Together with details of their favorite characters and effects adjustments, the final results are as follows.


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