Thursday, September 16, 2010

Jack Ma, Alibaba will open a large envelope puzzle

Alibaba creative thinking people, people feel yesterday did a "senseless" things - the new building at the west side of Riverside Alibaba, hung out a large envelope. With only a few words: "Dear: I am willing! You?", Signed a "decade", the time is "200909." This letter in the end what does that mean? Said that until early next month, by the Alibaba Group Jack Ma, chairman and chief executive officer announced himself.

Ali invited reporters first "tour" the new building

8 July, this newspaper first reported Alibaba to do, "Martial Law" moved to Riverside in the news, yesterday arrived at Riverside's early Alibaba new building. In accordance with Alibaba's official saying, "This is the first time Ali invited the media tour."

Although the time interval between interviews with reporters last less than a month, but changes in the new building Alibaba have been very obvious. Moving workers wearing the green uniform, white shirt residential property management, there are signs hanging from the work of staff coming and going Alibaba.

"Now, most of the renovation project has been completely over, only some of the external landscape of ending." Alibaba, a staff told reporters, "We charge of the relocation of the Department of Administration Department and the network, some employees have been came up and prepare for the formal removal. Fri, large forces on the come. "

Two new restaurants began to grab customers

In order to eat happy with quarantined employees, Ali in the restaurant business entities on the big brains. Finally, the selected two professional foodservice companies. One is the French company "love Dayton"; another one is "fast-off benefits." "Love Patton" in the first floor, "fast-off benefits" in the second floor. Alibaba, a staff told reporters: "In general, once a unit is often only the tender, select a company. We introduce the two companies, and their arrangement in the upstairs, downstairs, obviously, is to their mutual Competitive service employees of Alibaba good. "

The second floor, the reporter saw Quicker Lee (China) Holding Group Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager of Security is. He told reporters: "In Hangzhou, we have to UT Starcom, the Hang Seng e, Hang pots and other large enterprise services, services for Alibaba, and we are honored."

Speaking of competition, upstairs downstairs, security is very excited: "They (Love Leighton) is very well known in the industry, and we are old professional foodservice business. Although we have upstairs, almost a little place, but we have 880 seats, compared with the first floor of a large number. Next, we also consider arranging for a snack window, day services for the employees of Alibaba. "

Ali entered supplier "does not make money" is willing to

On being told the reporter: "early, we hope to Alibaba service is good, if not make money, we are willing." It is understood that "fast-off benefits" There are 12 full-time chef cooking, Shandong, Guangdong, Sichuan, Yang, Hang to help both the professional chef dishes. According to the company's accounting, about 7.5 yuan meal expenditures, we can guarantee eat eat.

"We also conducted an internal cost accounting, for us, almost no profit." Ann is said, "but we are still willing to cooperate and Alibaba. The one hand, we look to the future, along with Ali's growth, we have the opportunity to make money; the other hand, can enhance our cooperation and Alibaba's brand, give us more business opportunities for super service. "

With that mentality, and furniture supplier Sunon Group. It is reported that this year, the company's new building for the Alibaba worth 7 million yuan to provide tables and chairs. The company's marketing manager, Fan told reporters: "Cooperation and Alibaba have been six years, every year 5 million in sales; Although the profit is very thin, but through this platform we have raised a lot of visibility. Now, we and NetEase also established a link, hope it will become a new site NetEase Hangzhou furniture provider. "

Wall hung a huge envelope

Reading for meaning

Yesterday, the new building at the west side of Alibaba, the outer wall near the overhead, the reporter also saw a strange thing. Several workers in the wall hung a huge curtain. Screen printed with a red edge on the big white envelope. With only a few words: "Dear: I am willing! You?", Signed a "decade", the time is "200909."

This letter in the end what does that mean? Alibaba asked a lot of employees, we all were not sure. After many press contacts only the edge of insider told us: "This envelope is actually a publicity plan, but in the end what it means, may eventually have to Alibaba in the new building in September ceremony, Ma personally by the decryption."

Contact this reporter some of the company's head of planning. Some people speculated that: "Ma's conduct has always been a unique style, just as he was the financial crisis, wrote a letter to employees the same. The letter signed 'years', and Alibaba was founded just 10 years, I think it is possible is a letter written by Ma. This letter is called 'Dear', it may represent, and close contact with the various partners in Alibaba. The contents of the letter, only to unlock secrets of the Ma. "

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